How to Teach VIPKid Unit Assessments

  • Prepare for the assessment by going over the slides and practicing pacing (there are 50 slides instead of 25).

  • Consider it an evaluation of how students are understanding the material, not a test.

  • Still offer assistance and encouragement throughout the assessment. (It’s not a traditional test where they have to do everything all on their own.)

  • Never end the assessment early, even if the student flies through the slides.

  • Prepare a game, song, or conversation topic to use if there is extra time at the end.

  • Be prepared for anything.

  • Some students will not have a final project completed (only for second assessments in lesson 12).

  • Some students will not be able to answer questions, even with assistance (it’s rare, but it happens).

  • Some students will not show up to class.

  • Don’t forget to leave time to go over the final projects at the end.

  • Make sure to fill out the assessment form and leave written feedback. You can use templates from to make this super simple.

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