Social: Daily, Weekly, Monthly

bike maintenance bike maintenance
  • Daily Social:

  • Accept connection requests

  • Reply to comments/questions on all social platforms  

  • Like/comment on other\'s posts

  • Retweet ~3 useful tweets

  • Research/add followers

  • Weekly: 

  • Review posts insights on each platform

  • Review competitor/influencer streams; add ideas to editorial calendar

  • Schedule owned posts for each platform

  • Research/schedule industry news and updates

  • Repost/retweet other\'s content

  • Review brand ambassador\'s engagement; encourage sharing

  • Monthly:

  • Review insights from the past month; identify best performing posts/discontinue poor performing posts

  • Review competitor\'s best performing posts

  • Add ideas to editorial calendar to cross-link to other content

  • Update cover photos/banners for special events

  • Check for platform changes/updates

  • Evaluate content mix and grade yourself on % promotion vs. educating 

  • Quartely:

  • Compare the past 3 month\'s metrics

  • Identify what worked/what didn\'t

  • Evaluate performance overall in comparison to previous quarters

  • Update company page(s)

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