A Girl's Guide on How to Have Parisian-Inspired Picnic

  • What you need:

  • A large oversized throw blanket - big enough to fit your girlfriends

  • A backpack for all your picnic goodies, backpacks are great for the city

  • Paper plates for for everyone

  • Napkins

  • Plastic cups

  • A knife or two

  • Mini cutting board

  • An ice pack

  • What to Shop For:

  • At least two fresh French baguettes

  • A variety of cheese and maybe a spreadable cheese

  • Your favorite cured cold cuts

  • Some spicy mustard

  • A jar of sweet and spicy pickles

  • Some fresh fruit like strawberries or grapes (pre-wash, cut, and put in a ziplock before you go)

  • A bottle of your favorite rose\'

  • Bottles of water

  • A few cans of your favorite flavor of San Pellegrino

  • A small bottle of your favorite vodka

  • *You can mix the flavored San Pellegrino and vodka for a light refreshing sparkly cocktail

  • Head to the Girl\'s Guide Chicago blog to see five places in Chicago to enjoy your picnic http://girlsguidechicago.com/a-girls-guide-to-5-places-in-chicago-to-have-a-picnic/

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