A Girl's Guide to 12 Things to do at Eataly

  • Enjoy a wine tasting with your girlfriends

  • Sign up for a cooking class and learn how to make homemade pasta

  • Have an afternoon sweet treat the new Cannoli Bar

  • Invite your girlfriends to join you for a wine and cheese night at La Piazza

  • After dinner, enjoy a scoop or two of delicious gelato

  • Or why not enjoy a late night dessert, head to the Nutella bar for a crepe

  • Enjoy a cup of rich Italian coffee at the bar

  • Sign up for a walking tour of Eataly

  • Shop your favorite cheeses, wines, cold cuts, to create your own picnic to enjoy at the park

  • Have dinner upstairs at La Pizza & La Pasta and order Napoli-style pizza

  • On a hot day enjoy an Italian beer with the girls at Birreira

  • Shop downstairs for cooking utensils so you can create your own Italian meal at home

  • Head to the Girl\'s Guide Chicago blog for more http://girlsguidechicago.com/girls-guide-exploring-eataly-chicago/

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