A Girl's Guide to the Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

  • Gold Coast/Downtown/Loop

  • 3 Arts Cafe at RH http://3artsclubcafe.com/

  • Starbucks in the Gold Coast https://goo.gl/maps/aNCnyKzwneS2

  • Cafe’ Integral https://freehandhotels.com/chicago/cafe-integral/

  • Pierrot Gourmet http://chicago.peninsula.com/en/fine-dining/pierrot-gourmet-cafe

  • Beatrix http://beatrixchicago.com/

  • Chicago Athletic Association Hotel http://www.chicagoathletichotel.com/

  • Pickwick Coffee https://www.pickwickcoffee.com/

  • Lincoln Park

  • Elaine\'s Coffee Call http://bokagrp.com/elaines.php

  • Bourgeois Pig Cafe http://bpigcafe.com/

  • Colectivo http://colectivocoffee.com/cafes/lincoln-park-cafe/

  • Lakeview/North Neighborhoods

  • La Creperie http://www.lacreperiechicago.com/

  • Intelligentsia https://www.intelligentsiacoffee.com/

  • Heritage Bicycles General Store https://www.heritagebicycles.com/

  • Starbucks in Wrigley https://goo.gl/maps/KwNkZpa5Ta62

  • Heritage Outpost Lawrence House https://www.heritagebicycles.com/pages/heritage-outpost-lawrence-house

  • Ritual Coffee House https://goo.gl/maps/5UiTGeQoWS82

  • Wicker Park/West Neighborhoods

  • Sip Coffee House & Garden http://www.sipcoffeehouse.com/

  • Ipsento http://ipsento.com/

  • Ipsento at the 606 http://ipsento.com/

  • Robey Lounge https://www.therobey.com/

  • Buzz: Killer Espresso https://goo.gl/maps/qipueb38w3n

  • Filter https://goo.gl/maps/SQN9aKhKbzk

  • The Wormhole http://www.thewormhole.us/

  • Caffe\' Streets (Patio) http://www.caffestreets.com/

  • Sawada Coffee http://sawadacoffee.com/

  • Gaslight Coffee Roasters https://gaslightcoffeeroasters.com/

  • Head to the Girl\'s Guide Chicago blog to see my favorite places to get coffee http://girlsguidechicago.com/a-girls-guide-to-the-best-coffee-shops-in-chicago/

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