A Girl’s Guide: Where to go for the Best Afternoon Tea in Chicago

afternoon tea in Chicago
  • Pavilion at the Langham Hotel ($65 per person) https://goo.gl/NOEtlx

  • Ritz Carlton Holiday Tea ($65 per person) (available till January 7th) https://goo.gl/fVDaUM

  • The Lobby at the Peninsula Hotel ($60 per person) https://goo.gl/suypr1

  • The Lobby Lounge at the Waldorf Astoria ($55 per person) https://goo.gl/N5NL9w

  • Palm Court at the Drake Hotel ($49 per person) https://goo.gl/cVDk8N

  • Lockwood at the Palmer House Hilton ($40) https://goo.gl/0aypSB

  • The Commons Club at the Virgin Hotel ($35 per person) https://goo.gl/rb6fXA

  • The Allis at Soho House ($34) https://goo.gl/JI8nsT

  • Vanille Patisserie ($32 per person) https://goo.gl/lDN6gd

  • Maison Parisienne - causal tea/french brunch ($30) https://goo.gl/7ewYKg

  • 3 Arts Club Cafe at RH ($6.50 per person) https://goo.gl/hglXcS

  • Bozy tea at Band of Bohemia ($6 per person) https://goo.gl/fNP0vP

  • Pierrot Gourmet Cafe at the Peninsula Hotel ($6 per person) https://goo.gl/4esMM4

  • Cafe\' Intergral at the Freehand Hotel ($4 per person) https://goo.gl/F7f1k4

  • Band of Bohemia ($4 per person) http://www.bandofbohemia.com

  • Le Pain Quotidien ($2.50 per person) https://goo.gl/t7UNii

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