Book Club Questions for A Girl's Guide to Chicago

Book Club Questions for A Girl's Guide to Chicago
  • How would you describe the main character (Kelly) in the book?

  • Did this book change your mind about how Chicago is portrayed?

  • What three words would you use to best describe, A Girl\'s Guide to Chicago?

  • After reading about all the places Kelly experienced, which three places are you most excited to go to?

  • What was your favorite moment in the book?

  • What was your least favorite moment in the book?

  • Who was your favorite character in the book?

  • What choices would you have made differently if you were in Kelly\'s shoes?

  • Which character did you most relate to?

  • If you were in charge of casting the movie version of this book, who would you cast as each character?

  • What surprised you the most when you were reading this book?

  • If you could write one more chapter after the ending, what would you write? What do you think happens next?

  • How did this book touch your life? Can you relate to it on any level?

  • Would you want to read a sequel?

  • You can buy the book here or on --->

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