Bike Ride Prep List

  • Proper tire pressure. If you aren\'t sure, use and I am a big fan of the 40/60 ratio

  • Brake check (do this before you are actually riding)

  • Cell Phone (in case of emergency)

  • Wallet + ID (just in case you need to buy a snack or if you get super lucky for getting pulled over for "rolling" through a stop sign ;)

  • CO2 Cartridges + adapter + patch kit + tire levers (optional, is a small pump)

  • Extra Inner Tube (when you get a flat, it is much faster and easier to just replac

  • Bananas (1 for every 30ish miles)

  • Energy Bloks (1 stick for every 30ish 

  • Water Bottles (1 for every 30ish miles, max out at 2 or 3, and refill along the wa

  • A treat => something sweet and happy that\'ll make you love that snack even more once you are about to bonk (hitting the mental/physical wall)

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