• Software development

  • The HeadChannel Company carries out design, development and subsequent maintenance of software. An experienced staff, including developers of all specializations allows us to confidently guarantee the high quality of our software products. Our own methodology and smooth process of work on the project helps us to shorten the cycle from the idea to bringing the product to the market and reduce the cost of development.


  • You will receive a software product that meets all the individual characteristics of your company, its prospects for development and modern trends in IT sphere. The financial return on implementation will exceed the costs of software development by optimizing business processes. For organizations with a large staff of employees, bespoke software solution will be several times more effective than a typical version. 


  • It is enough to list the benefits that the customer receives after implementing the solution to assess the necessity and relevance of bespoke software development: • uniqueness; • the possibility of interaction of personalized software with standard programs; • improvement of labor productivity. 


  • First of all, the use of a bespoke software solution relieves the company\'s management of the significant costs for purchasing licenses for each computer installed in the company\'s offices. It is the high cost of typical software, in the presence of a large number of employees who need it, becomes the main criterion for making a decision to develop its own version of the program. The product will be not only unique, but also taking into account all the nuances of the production process at the customer\'s company, maximizing the efficiency of the organization, simplifying and speeding up the necessary activities.  


  • The need to order the development of bespoke software arises if: • business is expanding or significant changes are taking place; • there is an introduction of a new technological process, function or technology, the processing of which the standard software cannot perform; • it is required to provide complete information protection of the processed data or high financial security. This is only a small part of the tasks that are performed by programmers who develop software personally for the needs of a particular customer, based on the structure of the enterprise and the range of work performed at the company\'s office. HeadChannel offers professional services in a fairly democratic and affordable prices for small, medium and large-sized businesses. The cost of developing software depends on the labor costs for a particular project, the technologies used and the functional requirements that are needed. The final cost of software development and deadlines are determined only on the basis of a technical assignment. 

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