How to Create Facebook Group Funnels

  • Ask onboarding questions from your new facebook group members (You can set this up via FB admin area => More => Edit group settings => Ask questions)

  • Make use of checkboxes & multi choice feature to ask the first two question. Make use of normal text format to ask the last question which would request for email addresses of new members.

  • For better conversion, promise to give your new members one of your freebies (ebook, report, video course e.t.c.) 

  • Don\'t forget to set up a welcome email series that would deliver your freebie and other marketing messages you want to be sending to your facebook group members when they are approved to join your facebook group.

  • Download this chrome extension:

  • With clicks of button, connect this extension with your google sheet and email autoresponder. Full details are available here: and 

  • When new members join your facebook group, login to this chrome extension and you would see a red Custom Approve All button. This is the button you would be using to approve your new members.

  • Each time you click this button, group leads would add your members\' data in your specified google spreadsheet and take their email addresses and add them to your selected email autoresponder software.

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