14 Important Questions to Ask Your Family before Adopting a Dog

  • What will we do when we go out of town?

  • Do we work close enough to let them out during the work day?

  • How old of a dog are we willing to adopt?

  • What breeds do we want or not want, and why?

  • Does anyone in our family have any allergies?

  • Can we afford regular care and vet bills?

  • Can we afford a dog walker?

  • Are we ready to care for a dog for the next 15 years or more?

  • How long will the dog be at home by themselves?

  • What kind of breed restrictions are there where we live?

  • Are there weight limit restrictions where we live?

  • Are we going to pay for a trainer if the dog is difficult or misbehaves?

  • If we move, are we willing to make 100% sure the dog can come with us?

  • Are we willing to spend $50-$100 per month on food and treats?

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