Health Inspection Checklist

  • Cross-contamination

  • Rodents

  • Insects

  • Line holding temperatures

  • Freezer temperatures

  • Cooler temperatures

  • Cleanliness of ice bins

  • Cleanliness of coolers

  • Cleanliness of floors

  • Cleanliness of equipment

  • Employees must always wash their hands (signs posted at all sinks)

  • Make sure soap and towels are stocked at all sinks

  • Your employees should know your color coding system (have it posted as well)

  • Dry bulk should be stored and labeled properly

  • All food must be from a licensed source

  • Foods must be cooked (and stored) to the proper temperature

  • Raw foods are stored beneath cooked and ready to eat foods

  • Frozen food is stored properly

  • Frozen food is not thawed then refrozen again

  • All sinks must have hot and cold water

  • All drains are working properly and in good repair

  • No cracked or chipped dishes and glasses

  • Toxic materials are properly labeled and stored

  • Sanitary buckets are around restaurant

  • Make sure someone with proper certifications are always on staff

  • Food is being thawed out properly

  • Employees are eating, drinking and smoking in appropriate areas

  • Completed By___________________________________Date________________

  • Last Health Inspection Date__________________Grade_____________________

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