The Perfect Party Host Checklist

  • Ahead of time

  • Make a list of all of your guests

  • Send invitations out with plenty of notice

  • Let your guest know ahead of time if you are serving just drinks, appetizers or dinner

  • Know your guests (i.e. allergies and general dieting habits)

  • Make a list of what you plan to serve

  • Make your shopping list from what you plan to serve

  • Plan out what serving dishes you plan to use

  • If there are a lot of guests consider hiring a server/bartender so you can enjoy the party too

  • A Few Days Before (Don\'t wait until the last minute)

  • Go shopping

  • Clean the house

  • Start cooking at least the night before (even earlier if possible)

  • Take all of your serving dishes out the night before

  • Label each dish with what you plane to serve in it

  • Put the utensils you will use in the serving dish it will go with

  • Prepare you music playlist

  • The Day of

  • Start prepping early

  • Don\'t wait until last minute to shower and get dressed

  • Start taking things out of the fridge to lay out 30 minutes before quests arrive

  • Make sure your garbage is empty before guests arrive

  • Make sure your dishwasher is empty before guests arrive

  • Offer guests a drink as soon as they arrive

  • If there is no server to help, let your guests know to help themselves to refills

  • Enjoy yourself!

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