What are a Maid of Honor Duties? - A Must Have Checklist!

  • Be excited, supportive and alway optimistic

  • Offer to help with picking the venue, flowers, food, cake, registry items, etc...

  • Help choose (and look fabulous) in the bride/maid of honor dresses

  • Help plan the bridal shower

  • Help plan the bachelorette party

  • Attend all wedding related parties and help keep things running smoothly

  • Keep a list of gifts given at parties

  • Give a speech at the wedding

  • Help keep bridesmaids (and groomsmen) on task

  • Arrange the bride's train during the ceremony

  • Hold the bouquet during the ceremony

  • Witness and sign the marriage certificate (if needed)

  • Handle the paying of the vendors after the ceremony

  • Make sure everyone has the time of their life at the reception

  • Most importantly, make that day all about her!

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