17 Email Capture Best Practices

free email capture ideas How to capture emails on your website for free
  • Swap freebies for email subscribers.

  • Create a different and relatable freebie for each post.

  • A/B Test different language on your email capture forms.

  • Create a free quiz and show results to those who subscribe.

  • Host a giveaway and require users to subscribe to enter.

  • Spend a dollar a day on targeted Facebook ads

  • Guest post for someone with the same target market, and get permission to ask for subscribers. Return the favor if asked.

  • Add social proof like 18,000 people subscribe, you should too!

  • People buy from people so show a picture of yourself next to your subscription form.

  • Tell potential subscribers how often you write new posts.

  • Add you email subscription link to your email signature.

  • Make your email capture form simple. Less forms = more subscribers.

  • In smaller text, tell potential subscriber that you hate spam too!

  • Talk like your visitors talk, not like a person with an MBA talks.

  • Create a landing page dedicated to capturing emails.

  • Upgrade old posts with this new strategy.

  • Add a summary checklist and let people to subscribe to download.

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