Morning coping w/ illness

  • always make sure not to wake up too quickly... take your time and only get up when you\'re fully awake... it always helps to rubs your eyes, face and body to speed up the process

  • have a slow stretch and start off with a glass of water... sorry coffee comes later, but prefferably never... I know, just swap coffee for some chamomile, green tea or fruit tea

  • do an at home rithmic yoga session to loosen muscles *helps to relieve pain*... and top it off with a mind yoga session, to help get away from the sadness of having this (terrible) illness

  • remember to have water beside you for you to drink when you need it... just stay hydrated and try to only have water

  • if you have any pets, remember to cuddle them.. it will make you feel happier and it will let you forget about the pain for a sweet few seconds

  • always... and i mean always have a good breakfast... either turn on the stove and fry some egg and bacon (avocado is good to have w/ if you like) or throw some spinach, fruits, yogurt and milk in a blender as a smoothie for going out the journey to work or school

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