25 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Living Expenses

  • Avoid buying anything you don\'t really need

  • Make your own coffee at home

  • Pay bills online.  Stamps get expensive after a while

  • Make gifts and cards instead of buying them

  • Use the library instead of buying books and renting movies

  • Get a cheaper cable plan

  • Set the thermostat warmer in summer and cooler in winter

  • Eat breakfast at home

  • Use mass transportation

  • Don\'t be afraid to haggle on prices

  • Go to the park instead of the movies

  • Vacation close to home

  • Inflate your tires to the proper pressure to cut down on gasoline expense 

  • Wash your car at home

  • Carpool

  • Plan meals before you go shopping

  • Seal your windows and doors to cut down on utility bills

  • Turn down your hot water heater

  • camp instead of paying for a hotel

  • Buy non-perishables in bulk

  • Buy generic brands

  • Use coupons

  • Use fluorescent bulbs

  • Get a cheaper cell phone plan

  • Ride your bike

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