Handling Your Emotional Triggers Effectively

Handling Your Emotional Triggers Effectively
  • Understanding Your Emotional Triggers

  • Learn what a trigger is: it\'s an experience that draws you back into the past and causes old feelings and behaviors to arise

  • Realize we all have triggers and they\'re different with each person

  • Identify internal causes that interfere with your ability to live in the present moment

  • Spot external prompts, like situations or certain people that always "push your buttons"

  • Managing Your Emotional Triggers

  • Keep a journal. Tracking your triggers is often the first step in mastering them

  • Make time to relax.  Reducing daily stress makes it easier to handle intense emotions

  • Eat right, sleep well, and exercise regularly

  • Take advantage of quiet times to brainstorm new strategies you can use when you\'re under pressure

  • Know your capacity and proceed at your own pace

  • Place yourself in difficult positions.  Be open to doing something new and more constructive

  • Develop a strong support network

  • Show compassion.  Strive to be a little more patient and forgiving and people will be more likely to do the same for you

  • If you\'re having trouble making progress on your own, seek professional help

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