Making Superior Decisions

making superior decisions
  • Set a deadline and stick to it.  Is spending another week in turmoil really going to help you make up your mind?

  • Make a list of pros and cons to clarify your choices.  Draw a line down the middle of your page and put the pros on one side and cons on the other for each option.

  • Avoid allowing fear to paralyze you.  A fear of change can prevent you from seriously considering any of your options and keep you from making any decision at all.

  • Which option is most supportive of your long-term goals?

  • Project into the future and imagine how you\'ll feel about your choice.

  • Realize that it doesn\'t matter (much).  When you\'re faced with a couple of good choices, either choice may work out fine.  Simply making the choice and following through consistently will yield great results. 

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