10 Ways Mortgage Brokers Use Automation to 10X Lead Generation

Lead Generation Automation for Mortgage Brokers Lead Generation Automation for Mortgage Brokers
  • Invest in an industry-specific Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) like Velocify, Surefire or Whiteboard.

  • Set up web forms to auto-populate as leads in your CRM.

  • Use email parsing software like Mailparser to make sure leads that come in from email make it into your CRM, too.

  • You can also extract important data, like APR and closing date and add them to your email marketing system.

  • Automate lead distribution to your team to make sure every lead is assigned.

  • Set up email auto-responders to acknowledge new leads immediately and let customers know what to expect next. Response time is a major differentiator in acquiring a new customer.

  • Set up retargeting ad campaigns to automatically follow up with web visitors who didn’t complete a lead form.

  • Create automated email campaigns for leads in all of your major sales flows (new home loan, first time home buyer, refinance, real estate investor, etc).

  • Automatically stop email marketing when a customer enters the loan process to ensure your Loan Officers are driving all communications during an active loan.

  • Automate refinance email campaigns based on loan APR and closing date.

  • Set up on-demand webinars using a tool like WebinarNinja so you can educate lots of customers on specific topics without spending hours with each one.

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