5 SaaS Surveys to Implement Now

  • Post paid sign up survey

    On the post paid sign up page, ask your customers, "What made them sign up and almost NOT sign up?"

  • In-app target market survey

    Use a tool like Hotjar to run an in-app survey, asking your customers, "What industry are they in?"

  • Cancellation survey

    Before a customer cancels, require them to tell you why they are canceling? In fact, make the text field mandatory, before they can hit the cancel button.

  • New feature survey

    Use an in-app of email blast survey to ask your customers, "Which feature should we add next?"

  • Customer support survey

    Your customer support software should always ask you customers about their experience after the engage with support. 

    This can be a question, but preferably a happy or sad face emoji selection.

  • In-App micro-survey

    Trigger micro-survey for users as they use your app and gain valuable insight.

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