A list of defunk methods for entrepreneurs

  • Make a really short list of the shit you need to do and complete it (5 tasks, max)

  • Go for a super long walk

  • Sweat it out in the gym. Run or workout and get the endorphins flowing.   

  • Escape into a movie theatre where there is no distraction. No Netflix.  

  • Watch an inspiring show like The Profit or Shark Tank.  

  • Shower, cleanup, get a haircut and put on something nice. You often feel how you look.  

  • Listen to startup podcast like How I built This or The Four Hour Workweek.   

  • Coffee, espresso works best.  

  • Think in silence.  

  • Make an appreciation list of all the wonderful things in your life.  

  • Look up the word "perseverance", and what Steve Jobs said about it.  

This checklist was created by marvinrussell

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