How to Set Up A Home Office

  • Set Up Your Office

  • Dedicated Office Space.  (If you have a make shift space or just sit on the living room couch or at the kitchen table, this will not work.  Claim Your Space!)

  • Dedicated phone line (Yes, you will need a land line with a professional voice mail message)

  • Cell phone (Make sure your voice mail is professional and concise.  Your customers do not want to hear a 30 second message when they call you)  

  • Computer Software programs (There are a lot of online programs and apps you can use, but a the minimum, you will need your complete Office Suite)

  • Internet connection (this is crucial, or you will need to be able to have a different location that has internet)

  • Headset for your phone (if you are in sales or on the phone a lot, you will want a headset)

  • Time Management

  • Hours of operation (Be realistic. This is essential!  Make sure you show up for the hours you have scheduled.  This business won\'t build itself.  And, on the flip side, don\'t work all the time.  You and your family need time too.)

  • Project white board (I use a month at a glance calendar with task list and priorities)

  • Calendar system (I use google calendar and a paper calendar too)

  • Business Sales Tools

  • Business email address (I use gmail, but there are loads of options for this)

  • Social Media Manager  (I use PreBuilt Marketing, it creates my content, schedules my posts and analyzes the results)  Get a 7 Day Free Trial: 

  • Build your InstaGram following.  (Gold Nitro is great!  Use a 14 Day Free Trail and get 100s of new followers.) 

  • e Mail Service to stay connected to your customers (I use MailChimp.) 

  • Graphic design program (I use Canva.) 

  • Web presence (My 1st year as an entrepreneur I built 4 websites in an effort to find the perfect site.  WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace and ClickFunnels.  I ended my search when I found ClickFunnels because it allows me to create a "Virtual" Sales Person and have a members portal for training materials. Get a 14 Day Free Trial and check it out!) 

  • Business cards and promotional tools like a brochure or flyers (You\'ll love MOO! They\'ve awesome print products and cool design finishes. Get 25% off your first order!)  

  • Business Resources (eBooks, Podcasts, Training)

  • FREE:  10,000 Fan Challenge:  Grow your Facebook Business Page FAST!!!! 

  • FREE:  "6 Survival Tips for the Female Entrepreneur" eBook 

  • FREE:  dream BIG business academy Podcast Channel: 

  • PAID:  Social Media Training & Bootcamp. 

  • Money Management

  • Business bank account (open up a dedicated account just for your Business)

  • Business credit cards (Allocate and existing Credit Card for all of your expenses, online subscriptions, travel, anything business related.  Get one that has cash back, miles or points.)

  • Expense tracking system (I like QuickBooks)

  • Online payment system (to get paid online, you need to accept credit cards too.  I have a business PayPal account and Stripe.)

  • Invoicing system.  (I use it\'s free and super simple.  It creates professional invoices with ease for your clients.)  

  • Expense tracking system (I use QuickBooks)

  • Tax organizing system (I use a tax filing system and organize by month.)

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