Photo Manipulation of an Element

  • Explore the tools and techniques in various software in the Overview examples

  • Practice photo editing techniques such as color adjustment, color balance, constrast and more (demonstration in class January 9, 2020). Upload ONE practice image from today. (100 points)

  • Make a drive folder "Photo Manipulation" and put all work inside

    See description
  • Friday, January 10-Choose your subject and make a small thumbnail idea inside your sketchbook (100 points)

  • Shoot OR collect Images (must be original-your own images OR sourced and referenced in your final piece reflection. List any/all URL\'s)

  • Extra Credit if you take a photograph of ANY mvhs interior / exterior shot and alter it in a very imaginative way

  • Begin creating Manipulations

  • Peer Check in January 13-16

  • Final Project Due January 24

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