Informative Essay Checklist

  • Do you have an attention-grabbing hook strategy?

  • Do you have a clear and concise thesis that responds to the prompt?

  • Did you introduce the text title and author in your introduction?

  • Does your body paragraph have a clear topic sentence?

  • Does your body paragraph have two strong pieces of text evidence?

  • Do you have a quote set-up for each quote that introduces context?

  • Is your text evidence quoted and cited correctly?

  • Do you have thorough and insightful analysis that follows each quote? (NOT paraphrased text evidence)

  • Does your body paragraph end with a concluding sentence?

  • Is your body paragraph 8+ sentences?

  • Does your conclusion restate your thesis?

  • Does your conclusion tie back to your hook and/or leave the reader with something to think about?

  • Does your essay contain 3 vocabulary words?

  • Does your essay contain transition words?

  • Does your essay use formal language?

  • Is your essay written in 3rd person objective point of view?

  • Did you use a spelling and grammar checker like grammarly or paperrater?

This checklist was created by mrsyoung

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