Landing Page SEO Checklist

  • Landing Page Address

  • Targeted keyword(s) found in URL

  • URL use dashes, not underscores

  • URL is SEO friendly (no crazy string of character)

  • URL is not blocked by robots and is not blocked by sitemaps

  • Meta Data

  • Title tag begins with target keyword(s)

  • Title tag is unique and not repeated on the site

  • Title tag is less than 70 characters

  • Descriptions tag has less than 155 characters

  • Description tag is unique and not repeated on the site

  • Description tag includes target keyword(s)

  • Content

  • H1 tag uses targeted keyword(s)

  • Target keywords found in copy 2-3 times

  • Text is broken up and not only found in large paragraphs

  • Target keyword(s) are bolded, italicized or underlined

  • All images have SEO friendly file names

  • All Images have Alt tags

  • One image uses target keyword(s) in Alt tag

  • One image uses target keyword(s) in file name

  • Code

  • No Inline CSS or JavaScript found

  • Web page is WC3 validated

  • Webpage is listed on sitemap.xml and sitemap.html

  • Canonical tag properly used or not used

  • Other

  • Analytics software found

  • Webpage only targets 1-3 similar keywords/phrases

  • Web page is sharable with social media

  • Internal backlinks using targeted Keyword(s)

This checklist was created by mysiteauditor

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