Vegetarian Grocery Staples Checklist

  • Fresh produce of all types! Spinach, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, potatoes, and anything that looks yummy!

  • Nuts of all types! Any type of nut is a great source of protein when you\'re cutting meat out of your diet.

  • A lot of eggs. They are packed with vitamins and minerals and keep you full! Eggs and spinach make a great quick breakfast.

  • Tofu -- only if you\'re looking for a high-protein meat substitute. Get \'extra firm\' if you are looking for something as close to the texture of meat. Tofu can be seasoned and cooked just like meat.

  • Healthy pasta. Opt for wheat or whole grain pasta, you\'ll probably be eating a lot of it!

  • Legumes. Beans of all types are a great source of dietary fiber and protein. Look up a delicious vegetarian chili recipe!

  • Check out the vegetarian frozen food aisle. There are so many brands and products like Morning Star that make veggie meats, corn dogs, chicken nuggets, bacon, and so much more yummy microwave food!

  • Coconut oil! This can be doubled as your daily lotion AND used for cooking so get a jar now! It\'s packed with health benefits and way healthier than other oils.

  • Peanut butter is another top staple that you can\'t go wrong with. Opt for all-natural organic peanut butter to better intake vitamins and minerals.

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