11 Things a Notre Dame Fan Must Experience on Campus

  • Hammes Bookstore - A ND fans dream

  • Basilica of the Sacred Heart - The campus place of worship

  • Grotto of our Lady of Lourdess - A place to pray and reflect

  • Notre Dame Stadium - Home of the Fighting Irish football team

  • Joyce Center/Purcell Pavillion - Heritage Hall - ND sports memorabilia

  • A walk through campus - Enjoy the fall beauty and team spirit before the game

  • "Concert on the Steps" - the band plays for fans 90 minutes before the game starts at Bond Hall

  • The football team saluting the student section by the swaying and singing of the alma mater "Notre Dame, Our Mother" after the game in the ND stands

  • Tailgating before the game

  • Touchdown Jesus

  • Nelson's chicken!

  • In case it wasn't obvious enough in my list, THE GAME. You must experience the game itself!

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