Bag prep for childbirth

childbirth childbirth
  • A picture ID (driver\'s license or passport), your insurance card, and any hospital paperwork

  • Your birth plan (if you made one)

  • Eyeglasses, if you wear them. Wear these instead of contact lenses, too. Much easier for this moment.

  • A bathrobe, nightgown (or 2?), slippers, and cozy socks

  • Items from home that help you relax - favorite pillow, some music to play, a book you love, etc.

  • A camera or video camera with all necessary power equipment (batteries, charger, memory card)

  • Toiletries

  • Comfy shoes

  • A change of regular clothes

  • Snacks

  • Money (credit card, cash, and quarters) for things like parking and vending machines

  • A bathing suit in case you would like to take a bath or shower during your hours of labor

  • Both nursing bras and regular bras - weather or not you breast feed, the breast will be tender and enlarged when the milk forms, so bras are necessary for comfort

  • Multiple pairs of maternity pants (ones with a spandex or mesh waist bands)

  • Any books you intend to read specifically on newborn care

  • Gifts for older siblings

  • A notepad/journal and a pen/paper if you wish to write down thoughts or parts of your experience

  • A "returning home" outfit

  • A pre-installed baby carseat

  • A "returning home" outfit for the newborn

  • A "receiving" blanket to swaddle the newborn

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