Pregnancy Guide Week-By-Week

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  • Week 1: Take supplements (like Folic Acid); the baby\'s growth is fastest in this first week

  • Week 2: Eat many fruits and vegetables; your body is now producing hormones for pregnancy; the baby\'s major organs are forming

  • Week 3: The early embryo transports from the fallopian tube to the uterus; the mother might have sore breasts and cramps now

  • Week 4: Brain and heart development occur; central nervous /circulatory system form

  • Week 5: The baby\'s heartbeat can be seen in scans; the baby is the size of a small tadpole currently

  • Week 6: The mother\'s breasts will begin to grow; certain hormones are present that cause to exhaustion; proper diet can assist with morning sickness this week

  • Week 7: Essential for the mother to avoid illnesses, like rubella & parvovirus; 100+ brain cells in the baby are created every minute!

  • Week 8: The baby is officially a fetus; all fingers/toes are developed but still webbed; the child is the size of the raspberry

  • Week 9-10: The baby now has human-like features; the baby\'s heartbeat can now be detected on an ultrasound; the baby\'s fingernails & toenails develop

  • Week 11: Mother\'s morning sickness should be gone and instead she will now feel much hunger; the baby\'s torso becomes straight; the baby will begin to move inside the womb

  • Week 12: Now is time for the first scan; baby is the size of a lime this week

  • Week 13: Begin 2nd Trimester; the baby\'s kidneys & lungs are functional; exercise is recommended at this stage (yoga, swimming, dance, whatever you wish!); the baby is now burping, swallowing and yawn

  • Week 14: All of the baby\'s sexual organs are developed, and finger prints are visible; the mother might have congestion due to extra blood flow

  • Week 15: The baby will recognize voices and flavors; some mothers experience gum inflammation and bleeding; some women develop Linea Nigra

  • Week 16: Limbs & joints are developed so the baby is now mobile; the baby is the size of an avocado

  • Week 17: The baby will move a bit more now; the baby is practicing sucking and swallowing

  • Week 18: The baby\'s sex is seen in a scan; there is 50% survival if the baby is born this week

  • Week 19: The baby\'s hair grows; the mother might experience heartburn & indigestion; the baby will put on weight quickly

  • Week 20: Time for another scan of the baby to find out the sex; mothers will experience pain from abdominal stretching; the baby is the size of a pomegranate

  • Week 21: The baby\'s tastebuds are developing; the mother should consider now attending prenatal classes; baby can taste foods from amniotic fluid

  • Week 22-23: The baby senses light and recognizes voices; the mother\'s back, ankles and feet will ache; stretch marks are visible as the baby doubles its weight

  • Week 24: The baby\'s lungs continue to mature; the baby\'s is similar to a coconut; the mother\'s bellybutton may protrude

  • Week 25: The baby is preparing to breath for the first time; the mother is encourage to speak & read to the baby because he/she can hear it; mothers might experience constipation

  • Week 26: The baby\'s eyes open!

  • Week 27: Third trimester begins; the mother is encouraged to practice breathing exercises; the mother can expect baby hiccups

  • Week 28: The mother\'s partner can hear the baby\'s heartbeat through the belly; the baby is the size of an eggplant and is quickly gaining weight

  • Week 29: The mother might be experiencing many baby kicks; the mom is encouraged to rest as much as possible

  • Week 30: Amniotic fluids begin to reduce and the baby\'s brain is growing; the baby is also making his/her own red blood cells from bone marrow

  • Week 31: Mothers might experience contractions

  • Week 32: The baby begins to move into a proper position for birth; the baby is the size of a pineapple; the baby\'s skin is no longer transparent

  • Week 33: The baby\'s bones are hardening and he/she is also forming an immune system from the mom\'s antibodies

  • Week 34: The baby\'s lungs are fully developed; the baby will not move as much as before because of lack of space

  • Week 35: Mom! Ensure all birth plans are set; while still premature, the baby would fare well outside of the womb now

  • Week 36: The mother will eat & breath more easily now because the baby\'s position is lower; the baby\'s blood flow & immunity systems are ready

  • Week 37: This is now full term!; breastmilk antibodies assist in creating the immunity system; the baby is the size of a butternut squash

  • Week 38-40: Time to rest & prepare; the mother\'s cervix should dilate up to 10cm at the time of delivery; the mother is advised to rest, rest, REST!

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