10 Cute Valentine's Day Ideas For Your Kids

Valentine's Day Kid Ideas Valentine's Day Kid Ideas
  • Make red/pink heart shaped pancakes for breakfast along with pink milk (just add a few drops of food coloring to your pancake mix and milk)

  • Get some red and pink play dough and let them make their own cookies with heart shaped cookie cutters

  • Leave cute little notes all over the house for your kids to find

  • Have your kids make a card for someone they love. They can always send it in the mail too! Grandparents love mail!

  • Have your kids decorate the table for dinner with all thing Valentine\'s Day (Target dollar aisle or the dollar store is a perfect place to shop)

  • Make a big heart shaped pizza together as a family

  • Bake cookies and let your kids decorate them with all things pink and red

  • Do a Valentine\'s Day craft. There\'s tons of ideas on Pinterest

  • Have a Valentine\'s Day themed movie night and watch Lady and the Tramp

  • Make a fun popcorn mix with Valentine\'s Day themed candies

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