15 Ways to Celebrate Christmas on Your Own this Year

celebrate Christmas on your Own
  • Buy holiday pajamas for yourself and everyone in your house to wear on Christmas Day, or send them to your family

  • Create a hot chocolate or/and popcorn bar and watch A Christmas Story on Christmas Eve

  • Bake holiday cookies for your neighbors

  • Make a mini advent calendar for the week of Christmas and do something nice for yourself each day, think spa and pamper yourself

  • Mail Christmas or New Years cards to all your friends and family

  • Plan a social distance walk with a friend to look at the holiday lights in your neighborhood. Don\'t forget the hot chocolate!

  • Take a drive to see all the holiday lights

  • Plan a holiday Zoom with your family, open gifts together

  • Order some fancy takeout from your favorite restaurant

  • Or cook a fancy traditional Christmas dinner

  • Make a fun holiday drink, there\'s tons of recipes on Pinterest

  • Plan a white elephant exchange with your family, try https://www.whiteelephantonline.com/

  • Sign up for JACKBOX and host a holiday game night with your family

  • Enjoy some wine by the fire. Don\'t have a fireplace? That\'s ok, Youtube has some really great holiday scenes

  • Read a Christmas book or that thriller you\'ve been wanting to read

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