30 Day Movement Challenge - Get Your Body Moving Every Day

30 day movement challenge 30 day movement challenge
  • ONE: Walk for 30 minutes or more (bring your dog!)

  • TWO: Find a yoga class on YouTube (they are free)

  • THREE: Walk while listening to your favorite podcast or listen to a book

  • FOUR: Take an online pilates class on Youtube (they are free)

  • FIVE: Go for a hike (research trails close to your home)

  • SIX: Do an ab workout

  • SEVEN: Walk a 5K (which is 3.1 miles)

  • EIGHT: Go for a bike ride

  • NINE: Go for a jog or light run

  • TEN: Take a workout class with a friend

  • ELEVEN: Instead of driving to the store, walk instead

  • TWELVE: Do a workout in the park.

  • THIRTEEN: Take a walk and explore something new (for example a new nighborhood)

  • FOURTEEN: Take a Zumba class (find a free one online)

  • FIFTEEN: Find a staircase to run or walk up and down

  • SIXTEEN: Do an arm workout (you don\'t always need weights)

  • SEVENTEEN: Follow a squat or plank routine

  • EIGHTEEN: Do pushups and lunges

  • NINETEEN: Follow your favorite workout instructor on Instagram (they probably post free workouts on IGTV)

  • TWENTY: Try Tone it Up classes. They are free and they are great for beach body workouts

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