How to Promote Your Blog Post for Free

  • Make sure all your sharing widgets on your blog are working. Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest widgets?

  • Place your email opt-in form on a few different places on your website (within blog post, end of blog post, side bar, pop up, etc.)

  • Post your blog to all your social media accounts (facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc)

  • Create 10-20 shareable tweets or quotes from your blog post that you can tweet out over the next few months on Twitter. You can also use HootSuite.

  • Make sure you are on Google +

  • Give whoever you mentioned on your blog post a shout-out on social media and/or email them

  • Create a sharable guide or infographic from your blog post

  • Create a content upgrade for you site to get readers to sign up for your email. Create a pinnable image of your content upgrade to share on Pinterest.

  • Send out a email blast to your readers

  • Comment on at least 5 to 10 other blogs

  • Link your post to other related blog posted on your website

  • Link older related blog post to your new post

  • Create a blog round-up of similar blogs on your website

  • Create beautiful pinnable images (at least one should be on your blog, add two more to Pinterest and link to your blog post)

  • Resend out an email blast to everyone who didn\'t open your last email. Write a new intriguing subject line

  • Find a podcast or two to be interview on

  • Get your blog listed in Google News

  • Join Quora and see if you can help by answering any questions

  • Join H.A.R.O. and see if you can respond to needed content or be willing to be interviewed

  • Join Facebook, reddit, or other online groups related to your topics

  • Guest post on someone else\'s blog

  • Go on Instagram Live to talk about your blog post or topic. Or find someone to interview you live.

  • Go on Facebook Live to talk about your blog post or topic. Or find someone to interview you live.

  • Share your other relevant blog posts to social media. Make sure those post blogs are linking to your new post

  • Join and use Triberr

  • Create a video or slide-share for Youtube

  • Create and publish Slides to Slideshare

  • Engage with your audience. Respond to all comments or questions

  • Analyze your Google Analytics to see what keywords are doing well or what you are ranking for. Add more content, images, and boost SEO on those blog post

  • Improve your website speed

  • Share again on all social media platforms, one week later, one month later, three months later

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