Instagram Checklist: Setting up an Instagram Contest

Instagram Contest Checklist Instagram Contest Checklist
  • Decide what are your objectives for a contest. Growth followers, reward loyal followers, etc?

  • Decide on giveaway/prize item

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  • Look for a related account to partner with or create an Instagram Loop Contest (if makes sense to your business/brand) (click on + to see how to set up Loop Contest)

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  • Have a clear Call to Action (CTA) for your followers (click on + for examples)

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  • Use a high-quality photo that followers would want to engage with (only post your own photos)

  • Create a clear and clever contest caption (138-150 characters is best)

  • Be clear and concise about what is required to enter

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  • Include the text "this giveaway is not endorsed or sponsored by Instagram" in your content rules

  • Post the time and date of when the contest ends

  • Keep your content short to keep momentum (3 to 5 days)

  • Post your contest to you stories with contest photo and how to enter

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