Product/Service Launch Checklist

Product/Service Launch Checklist Product/Service Launch Checklist

  • Assign tasks to your team

  • Set a date for your product/service launch

  • Create a landing page on your website for your new product/service

  • Write content to describe your new product/service and additional product knowledge

  • Include SEO friendly descriptions and keywords you are targeting

  • Set up your payment structure for how customers will purchase your product (and make sure to test)

  • Take photos of your product or design a digital layout for your online course, training material, eBook, etc

  • Add links where needed throughout your website that links to your product/service

  • Create/write out your product/service workflow (what are the steps for the customer and you beginning to end)

  • Create your marketing plan

  • Create your promotional and sales materials

  • Set up your email campaign

  • Write a press release

  • Send out PR kits

  • Reach out to influencers to help you promote your product/service

  • Set up support for your product/service (if needed) could be as simple as an email address

  • Set up your launch goals

  • Look for interview and podcast opportunities


  • Write a blog post to feature your new product/service

  • Do a run-through of your entire launch plan (a few days before a launch)

  • Start your marketing plan and email campaign

  • Start your promotional strategy

  • Tell people (get them excited about your new product/service)

  • Send out your press realease


  • Make your product/service live (do this before any marketing or emails go out for the day)

  • Send out your launch day email campaign (you can also prepare and automate this ahead of time)

  • Post everywhere you can about your launch day

  • Be available and ready for any issues


  • Send out a thank you email to all your customer that purchased your product/service

  • Continue your marketing plan, email campaign and promotional strategy (plan out the next six months)

  • Ask customers for feedback

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