Small Business/Entrepreneurs: End of the Year Checklist

  • Make sure your bookkeeping is up to date

  • Make sure your business is in good standing with the state

  • Final invoices are sent out, follow up on any outstanding invoices

  • Create a profit and loss statement so you can financially plan for the upcoming year

  • Is there anything big purchases your company needs that you can write off?

  • Outstanding bills are paid

  • Organize your business recipes

  • Expiring business credit card? Make sure recurring/ auto payments are up to date

  • Cancel subscriptions/software you are not longer using

  • Meet with accountant, make sure taxes payments are on track

  • Organized and back up company files

  • Archive old files

  • Create company goals for the next year

  • Revisit or create a new marketing and social media plan

  • Reflect on what worked or didn\'t work this year

  • Write down all your wins for the year

  • Support another business that helped your business, it can be as simple as writing a review

  • Update your social media

  • Give a company website a little update or rebranding

  • Send out a company newsletter thanking employees, partnerships, or discussing company plans for the new year

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