Spring Activity Checklist

Spring Activity Checklist Spring Activity Checklist
  • Wake up each day and think of something positive or good. Every day is a fresh start

  • Go for a walk in nature and enjoy the sunshine

  • Plant flowers in your garden or get some planters or pots for flowers

  • Plan a fancy picnic or a garden tea party

  • Cook a fun spring-time meal (use lots of fresh veggies)

  • Clean out and organize your closet and put together some spring outfits

  • Go for a bike ride

  • Visit a botanical garden when the flowers are in bloom

  • Schedule a self-care day

  • Spring clean your home

  • Go hiking

  • Read a book in the sunshine

  • Plan a trip (even if it\'s just a mini road trip or a weekend away)

  • Go out for ice cream

  • Visit a farmer\'s market on the weekends

  • Declutter your home

  • Do a workout outside or start a new workout routine

  • Enjoy a cocktail on a patio or in your own backyard

  • Create a new spring playlist

  • Attend a baseball or watch a ball game at home and grill out

  • Visit a national park

  • Play a game like chess outdoors

  • Plan a spring-time brunch

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