"The Great Resignation" - Quit the Job you Hate and Do One of These 20 Things Instead

The great resignation The great resignation
  • Move to a new city and start fresh (sometimes a reset is all you need)

  • Become a consultant in your own field

  • Start freelancing

  • Work for a non-for project or a company you are passionate about

  • Get your real estate license

  • Work for a company that is built on the foundation of a good company culture

  • Invest in a franchise

  • Bartend or serve in a high-end restaurant (flexible, great tips, and everywhere is hiring right now)

  • Write your first novel

  • Start your own company

  • Open a Shopify storefront

  • Company has gone full-time remote, and that\'s not for you? Look for a company that is transitioning back

  • Create ebooks in your industry, and sell them on Amazon

  • Become a content writer

  • Blog about your industry or your passion

  • Start your passion project

  • Live abroad

  • Look for a permanent remote job

  • Start a podcast

  • Pivot your career path

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