Planning The Perfect Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Super Bowl Party
  • Use Social Media to create an event invite. Its the easiest way to keep track of the head count and make sure you have enough seating for all the party goers.

  • Party Potluck style! Make sure you supply the main course but allow others to bring food as well. This will make sure there\'s something for everyone.

  • Make sure the TV, Wifi or any of the devices you\'re using to watch the game or entertain guests are in working order. If your guests can\'t see or hear the game, someone\'s guaranteed to throw a flag!

  • Make sure the drink selection is basic but inclusive. Beer is usually the drink of choice, but keep water, soda and juice available for those who don\'t want to partake in the more traditional football beverages.

  • Decorate to help provide a fun relaxed atmosphere. No one wants to watch the Superbowl and worry about knocking over the good China when they stand up and cheer. Put away the expensive pillows and add some streamers along with football themed plates and cups. This will go a long way in making your guests comfortable.

  • Lastly, Enjoy! The big game only comes around once a year so cheer until your voice is gone, eat until the food is gone and enjoy it with the people you love the most.

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