The Gentleman's Guide to a Perfect Valentines Day

Valentine Valentines Day Tips
  • Clear your calendar- Outside of work or any necessary events, cancel your commitments and make sure she has your undivided attention.

  • Never doubt Nostalgia- A perfect way to show how important she is to you is to give her a gift from your past. A picture from the first time you met? Frame it. The first restaurant you ever went to? Make a Reservation. She\'ll love that your history is just as important as your future.

  • A Personal Touch can mean So Much- Regardless of what gift you give try adding a hand written note or DIY trinket. It\'s so much better than the typical flowers and chocolate and can go a long way in showing how much you care.

  • A little TLC- Even though this is a step we should incorporate everyday, its even more important on Valentines Day. Use hugs, kisses and cuddles to make sure she knows she\'s loved and you\'ll get lots of love in return.

  • Lastly, Let Love Lead the way- If you followed the previous steps then this one should be a breeze. Don\'t sweat the details, simply make sure you put your whole heart into whatever you have planned, focus on being present in the moment and enjoying the night. Follow these easy steps and you\'re guaranteed a Valentine\'s Day she won\'t soon forget.

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