Things I Hate About Casinos

  • I\'ve spent an inordinate amount of my life in casinos and it my rich casino review, and for the most part, I love \'em. Of course there are a few things I do hate, like cigarette smoke, which is only slightly better than cigar smoke, which is only slightly better than death. I also hate when the tables and slots are so jammed together that I can\'t get comfortable. I need my space. I love properties where I can go find some quiet place to play video poker and relax.

  • I hate it when casinos demand that players follow very strict rules, but don\'t follow all the rules themselves. I like it when casino boards actually take care of problems, like the Ohio Casino Control Commission did this week with a series of fines aimed at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland. The $180,000 in fines were for relatively minor infractions, but hey, casino owners expect players to follow every rule, they need to do the same. The Horseshoe was fined for using unapproved dice on Pai Gow. That was dumb. The dice are only used to determine hand sequence, not the actual play of the hand, but still, follow the rules and you won\'t get fined. They were also fined for leaving the telephone number for a local problem gambling hotline off their brochures and submitting the incomplete brochures to the commission.

  • Another thing I hate about casinos is when they think they are above the law (of the land, and nature), like the Sugar House casino in Philadelphia, which was hit with a $25,000 civil penalty because their workers dumped construction materials into the Delaware River. That\'s disgusting. It wasn\'t a mistake. The penalty should have been 100 times what it was. Why? Because the US Army Corps of Engineers sent a series of "cease and desist letters" which were completely ignored. Prosecutors stated that workers were seen dumping construction materials on a dozen occasions in 2009 and 2010. I also hate the fact that the contractors involved were never identified! That\'s also disgusting. What\'s the deal? The "settlement" of the case did include a $625,000 donation to the Brandywine Conservancy group, which is dedicated to protecting natural resources. Note to Sugar House: Make that an annual donation and prove you really care!

  • Another thing I hate about casinos is 6 to 5 blackjack payoffs. Blackjack is the most popular table game in the world with millions of players, but some casinos have changed the payoffs from 7.5 to 5 all the way down to 6 to 5 for a blackjack. Why, you ask? Because they are greedy. Note to casinos that employ 6 to 5 payoffs: You are trashing your most loyal players and creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. You increase your odds, you reduce your players. Pretty simple. Any casino that want\'s to debate that and say their players don\'t mind the rule changes - I\'ll be happy to print your words! Any takers?

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