Disappointing movies & shows

  • How it ends (rushed, drama, end of the world movie)

  • The Happytime murders (action comedy)

  • Moana (I fell asleep BUT i love the songs, family)

  • The hurt locker (war drama) 

  • The week of (rom com)

  • War machine (it\'s good but I don\'t get the point, war comedy)

  • The Divergent Series: Allegiant (boring, dystopian)

  • Isn\'t it Romantic (cliche, rom com)

  • Tower heist (nice movie, too \'unrealistic\', action comedy)

  • Close (bad ending, waste of time, crime drama)

  • Batman v superman (superhero movie)

  • Transformers age of extinction (too boring to finish, sci-fi drama)

  • Nerve (drama, thriller?)

  • Lion King live action (family, same as cartoon)

  • Toy Story 4 (family, average plot)

  • Baby driver (good movie, not happy with how it ended tho)

  • All transformers movies after Shia Lebeouf

  • Avengers Assemble Age of Ultron (maybe it\'s now in hindsight)

  • Brave (family)

  • The One (anti-climatic scandal, the idea of love is interesting tho)

  • 7 deadly sins (anime)

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