A 50-Point Checklist For Creating The Ultimate Landing Page

Creating The Ultimate Landing Page Creating The Ultimate Landing Page
  • 1. Does your landing page headline match the message on your ads?

  • 2.  Is your landing page messaging focused on a single purpose?

  • 3. Could a stranger understand the purpose in 5-10 seconds?

  • 4. Is it clear who your company is and what you do? (a logo and tagline)?

  • 5. Do you have a simple secondary description to enhance the headline?

  • 6. Do you use bullet points to describe the benefits of your product/service?

  • 7. Are you using a relevant and original main image or video that shows it being used (context of use)?

  • 8. Does your page message have the clarity of a 30-second elevator pitch? (Read out your page copy to someone and see if they understand it.)

  • 9. Is your primary headline phrased to answer the question “What is this page about?”

  • 10. Have you removed extraneous links (like the global nav) – to remove page leaks?

  • 11.  Does your landing page explain how your product/service is unique (USP)?

  • 12. Does the writing focus primarily on benefits rather than features?

  • 13.  Did you resist asking for any unnecessary information in a form (be completely honest cos it’s bad)? (check the box if you aren’t using a form).

  • 14. Do you explain the value or size of your lead gen giveaway (discount amount, number of ebook pages, $ value)?

  • 15.  Do you provide examples of previous customers using or complimenting your product/service? (Testimonials and other trust factors)

  • 16. Do you offer multiple contact methods (phone, email, live chat)

  • 17. Do you make it clear what the visitor will receive by clicking your CTA?

  • 18. Does your landing page appear to be professionally designed?

  • 19. Does the design of your landing page match the visual style of your ad creative? (Banners)

  • 20. Does the design match the style of your main website or brand? (Only relevant if you will end up there after clicking the CTA)

  • 21. Do you use lightboxes to show extra information without leaving the page?

  • 22. Do you provide a privacy and or terms & conditions statement/link?

  • 23. Are you providing a sample (preview of first chapter etc.) of your giveaway, if applicable?

  • 24. Do you show certifications or logos of partners/affiliates/security registrations (like Verisign)?

  • 25. Are your claims and facts verifiable?

  • 26. Do you repeat your offer in the form area to reinforce what the purpose of your form is?

  • 27. Do you use visual cues (eye direction or graphical arrows) to direct attention to CTA?

  • 28. Is the CTA large enough to stand out from 6ft away?

  • 29. Does the CTA use contrast to stand out from the rest of the page?

  • 30. Is your CTA in a prominent position near the top of the page?

  • 31. Are you including a link to your privacy policy next to the email field of your form?

  • 32. Are you using your confirmation page to provide the new lead with further instructions? (share this page, follow us, download this extra free ebook, register for this webinar).

  • 33. If your offer is time limited, do you make this clear for the sake of urgency?

  • 34. Are you creating a separate landing page for each inbound source (email, social, PPC) and see which gets you the most conversions.

  • 35. If you use video, have you set it up for user directed playback (vs. an autoplay)?

  • 36. Do you end your video with a call to action?

  • 37. Have you limited the number of CTS’a on your page to 1? (Unless it’s a long page in which case it’s okay to repeat it).

  • 38. If you are getting people to sign up for a webinar, are you showing the number of registrants as a form of social proof?

  • 39. If you use exit popup windows, only check this box if it offers something of value that’s relevant to the page, and doesn’t use manipulation to encourage the click (for example, making someone click on a link that says “That’s okay, I like crappy conversion rates.”). It’s not delightful and you can do better.

  • 40. Are you doing A/B testing on your pages?

  • 41. Are you seeking feedback from your customer to help develop a hypothesis for your next test?

  • 42. If you have a multi-step process (sign-up etc.), do you make it clear to visitors? (30 seconds, 3 steps etc.)

  • 43. Have you optimized your landing page to get a paid search quality score above 7?

  • 44. Do you use a separate landing page for every promotion/campaign?

  • 45. Have you tested using a short page vs. a long page to understand how much information your visitors need to convert?

  • 46. Does your landing page follow the principle of unity, where every element of the page is focused on explaining a single concept?

  • 47. Have you Krug’d your landing page? (Remove 50% of the copy, then delete half of what’s left. (To ensure maximum simplicity and clarity).

  • 48.  Leave this box unchecked if your form button says “Click Here” or “Submit”.

  • 49. If you use a form, is it encapsulated in a colored background box to make it clearly stand out as the most important part of the page.

  • 50.  And finally, have you ever used Unbounce? (Had to ask).

Learn more: http://unbounce.com
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