• Documents required with OCI application

  • 1. Proof of present citizenship

  • 2. Evidence of self or parents or grandparents,Being eligible to become a citizen of India at the time of Commencement of the Constitution 

  • Such evidence could be:

  • 1. Copy of the passport: 

  • 2. Copy of the domicile certificate issued by the Competent Authority; 

  • 3. Evidence of relationship as parent/grandparent, if their Indian Origin is claimed as basis for grant of OCI

  • If parents\'/grand parents\' origin is being claimed as basis for grant of OCI, the following documents are required

  • 1. Those who are claiming OCI card on the basis of parent\'s Indian origin, their birth certificate showing their parents name is required.

  • 2. If you are claiming Indian origin based on your grandparents origin, then you have to submit your birth certificate as well as your parents\' birth certificate showing the parents\' names clearly so that it establishes the relation with your parents and grandparents.

  • 3. Copy of their Indian passport

  • 4. Copy of their domicile certificate issue by the competent authority; or any other documentary evidence like a notarized copy of school certificate, land ownership certificate by which eligibility can be logically established. Whether to accept the proof submitted would depend on the Consular Officer.

  • Any other proof, that is acceptable to the authorities as proof of the applicant being of Indian origin.

  • When it comes to accepting other types of proof, as supporting documents, the final decision to accept any type of documentary proof would rest with the consular officers. Some documents that might stand a chance of being accepted could be:

  • 1. Documentary evidence like a school certificate.

  • 2. Land ownership records in India.

  • 3. Birth certificate.

  • 4. Any other type of documentation whereby eligibility may be reasonably ascertained to the satisfaction of the Indian government official dealing with your application.

  • Surrender certificate required 

  • Former Indian Nationals, who apply for OCI, are also required to provide a \'Surrender Certificate\' to show they had renounced their Indian citizenship, when they acquired foreign citizenship. Information regarding obtaining a surrender certificate is provide separately in this book. 

  • OCI photo guidelines

  • One of the reasons for delay of processing OCI applications is the rejection of the photographs, which are sent in by applicants, as they do not meet the acceptable format set by the authorities.

  • Approval of OCI application

  • OCI applications are approved, the next step involves sending in your Passport to the concerned Indian Consulate. 

  • OCI applications in India

  • 1. The Foreigner\'s Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata or Amritsar 

  • 2. The Chief Immigration Officer (CHIO) in Chennai 

  • 3. OCI Cell in Foreigners Division of Ministry of Home Affairs at: Under Secretary

  • OCI fee in India

  • For applications that are filed in India, the current fee is Rs 15,000/- for each applicant. The fee is paid in the form of a demand draft, payable at New Delhi and made in favor of Accounts Officer (Secretariat), Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi. In case of applicants who already hold a PIO Card, the fee is now waived as PIO scheme has been canceled and PIO card holders can apply for OCI free. They do however pay a small administrative fee

  • OCI fee Refund

  • In a case where the OCI application is rejected, the fee paid is returned after deducting US$25 or equivalent that is charged as processing fee. All fees mentioned here, are subject to change by the authorities at their discretion.

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