SEO Checklist 2018

SEO Checklist SEO Checklist
  • Content Grading

  • 1. Internal linking guidelines (Linking to pages on same level, Supporting above and below) 

  • 2. Page titles (Measuring CTR; Are they better than competitors? Do they speak to persona?)

  • 3. Descriptions (Measuring CTR; Are they better than competitors? Do they speak to persona?)

  • 4. h1 (Does it contain keyword and help with conversions?)

  • 5. h2 ( Number used;Do they contain keywords? Do they help reader?) 

  • 6. Copy ( Is it 100% unique,high quality and does it speak to the user?)

  • 7. Images (Number of images used? Are all optimized?)

  • 8. Image alts (Does it help visually impaired? Does it contain keywords?)

  • 9. Image descriptions (Does it contain keyword and help user?)

  • 10. Videos ( Are they full optimized?)

  • 11. Schema markup (logo,reviews,local etc.)

  • 12. Reviews (Are they unique?Do they have markup? Do they help with rankings?)

  • 13. Comments (Are they unique? Are they high quality?)

  • 14. Related keywords (Are they used throughout the page? Are they correct?)

  • 15. Answer questions of the topic ( Are most important questions addressed on the page?)

  • 16. Facts on the topic ( Are facts relevant to current calendar year present on the page)

  • 17. Link to blog post and articles on the topic ( on same website) ( Are they being updated often? Do they have a keyword? Is the content unique? Do they cover relevant topics?)

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