The Complete 31-Point SEO Checklist

SEO Checklist SEO Checklist
  • 1.) Everything on this SEO checklist – and on-page optimization in general — should be thought of as incrementally beneficial. Try to get as many of them as you can, but don’t worry too much if you miss a few.

  • 2.) Once you’re done here, be sure to check out the ClickMinded SEO training course, along with our social media marketing course, our google analytics training and the rest of our digital marketing courses.

  • Prerequisites Before You Start

  • 3.) Setup Google Tag Manager

  • 4.) Setup Google Analytics

  • 5.) Set Up Google Search Console

  • 6.) Using WordPress? Install Yoast SEO

  • On-Page SEO Checklist

  • 7.) Perform keyword research

  • 8.) Try to get your keyword into your page URL

  • 9.) Add your keyword to your title tag and make it compelling

  • 10.) Add your keyword to your meta description and make it compelling

  • 11.) Add your keyword to your H1 tag, and make sure to only use one

  • 12.) Use your keyword 3 times, and make sure you have at least 100 words per page (but 500+ is ideal)

  • 13.) Use synonyms in your copy

  • 14.) Use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) in your copy 

  • 15.) Add descriptive ALT tags and filenames to your pages

  • 16.) Link to other pages with SEO-friendly anchor text

  •  Off-Page SEO Checklist

  • 17.) Use Ahrefs to analyze your link profile

  • 18.) Evaluate your competitor’s link profiles 

  •  Technical SEO Checklist

  • 19.) Check Google’s Search Console for crawl errors, duplicate content errors, missing titles and more

  • 20.) Identify bad redirects (302s that should be 301s)

  • 21.) Look for broken links, errors, and crawl problems

  • 22.) Make sure you don’t have duplicate content

  • 23.) Check your site’s speed and keep it fast!

  • 24.) Make sure your site is mobile friendly

  • 25.) Create an XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console

  • 26.) Create a robots.txt file and submit it to Google Search Console

  •  Everything Else

  • 27.) Claim your brand name on as many social networking sites as possible

  • 28.) Use an SEO Audit Tool to double-check everything

  • 29.) Care about the US? Setup Bing Webmaster Tools

  • 30.) Earn Your SEO Certification

  • 31.) Even More Resources

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