• KANSAS CITY COMIC CON 2017 - November 10-12, Kansas City MO (I\'m not sure if I\'m going to be honest...)

  • TAIYOU CON - January 5-7, Mesa AZ (My birthday is on this Saturday, so it would be awesome to get a lot of nice birthday wishes!)

  • OHAYOCON - January 26-18, Columbus OH (My cousin lives in Ohio, and he likes this should be super fun!)

  • ANIME RECHARGE - February 10, Des Moines IA (Probably gonna convince Kira to go with me ohoho~)

  • PLANET COMICON - February 16-18, Kansas City MO (I can\'t call myself a Kansas Citian until I go at least once...haha!)

  • NAKA-KON - March 16-18, Overland Park KS (This is one I\'m definitely going to, so if you want a surefire chance of seeing me, come here!)

  • SAUSOMECON - July 6-8, Kansas City MO (It\'ll be my first year at Sausome! I wanted to go the past three years but couldn\'t...)

  • RE-KON - TBA, Lenexa KS


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