SEO Audit Checklist by SEO Mechanic

  • Crawl First: To ensure greater success in the future, now is the time to crawl your entire website.

  • Accessibility: It may not be the most exciting step of an SEO audit, but it’s definitely one of the most important.

  • Robots Meta Tag: When analyzing your site’s accessibility, you want to locate pages that are accidentally blocking web crawlers.

  • Indexability: You can do everything right in terms of on-site and off-site optimization, but this will only get you so far.

  • Traffic Overview: How much traffic is your website receiving, on average, every day, week, and month?

  • On-Site Optimization

  • URL Structure: Start by learning how to analyze the URL of each page.

  • Content Analysis: To go along with URL structure, you should review each page of content on your website.

  • Off-Site Optimization

  • Backlink Profile: The quality of your website is based largely on the quality of the sites that link to it.

  • Authority: A website’s authority is more important than ever before.

  • Social Engagement With social media use on the rise, this continues to play a large part in regards to search engine rankings.

  • SEMRush Link:

  • Competitive Analysis SEMrush is one of the top competitor analysis tools for digital marketers. Even the free version allows you to capture useful data.

  • There is no right or wrong way to complete an SEO audit of your website. This all comes down to your knowledge and experience, as well as what you are hoping to accomplish.

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