10 Ways Sales Reps Can Land New Customers

  • Make sure your company is using a sales rep locator so potential new buyers can easily find and contact you online. (Free at Storemapper.com)

  • Create a killer LinkedIn bio. (If you reach out to prospects via InMail, they’ll definitely take a look at your profile.)

  • Use video calls vs. phone calls whenever possible, especially at the beginning of the sales cycle.

  • Don’t forget about existing customers. New sales can just as easily come from reaching out to someone you’ve done business with before.

  • Reach out to customers you’ve built the best relationships with to get referrals.

  • If you\'re doing cold email outreach, send potential customers online reviews of your products.

  • When you are first talking to prospects during the “education phase” of the sales cycle, don’t be salesly — just be helpful.

  • Invest in continued education each week through books, podcasts, YouTube videos, conversations with other sales rep in your industry, etc.

  • Believe in the product. Whether it\'s the company\'s mission or the product\'s purpose, make sure to find something that makes you passionate about what you’re selling.

  • Set up a regular webinar for potential buyers to get to know your product or service.

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